What to choose?

Still hesitated to choose a model or tip for your business? Would you like to highlight it in some unusual way, but at the same time you want your product to be used somehow? So try visiting our site. We have a great tip for you. Try the printing of bags. It's one of the great ways to kill two birds with one stone. You will do something for your customers and at the same time make them visible. Our products are made from 100% cotton, jute or non-woven fabrics, so no more unpleasant plastic bags. From the beginning of a larger investment, which pays off. We produce everything on order. You choose exactly what you want.
Colors, sizes, motifs
All this is a substantive question. We'll make it easier for you. We offer you a variety of options. We produce everything in screen printing, spot colors or transfer. You can choose from countless options. We offer a lot of colors and possibilities of their printing eg. or ecological colours. You can choose different effects, eg. Reflective, metallic, with glitters or even skin. The tips are simply plenty. We also have atypical shapes and types, different labels, patterns, grafting, sewing, photos, zips, straps. We are a quality company and we will deliver everything to you according to your requirements. So don't hesitate and visit our stalls.