Services that do not disappoint

The company with a long stable tradition is the only possible solution for you! Do not buy products that are replaced with sugars, sweeteners and eies! Do not give your children Poy! Believe that Adria Gold ice creams are top-notch and completely free of chemical substitutes. You don't need to hesitate and learn more. With this quality brand you can be sure that you are giving the children and yourself the best!
It stands on its own feet
Adria Gold has been moving on the Czech and Slovak market for more than twenty years, and it already is really, what to say! Ice creams are produced in a modern environment and are controlled by the strictest parameters. The result must always be precise and perfect. The customer will get a great looking product with a diverse taste of all sorts of fruits, cream, chocolates, nuts, wafers and other laskomin that enhance the divine taste of this irresistible goodness! The biggest award is that people taste the ice cream delicacies!