Put yourself in the apartment

Put yourself in the apartment, whatever you want, from a vase and table to a chair, or a 400 liter aquarium with a small shark. It will all be useless if you lose your job and you will be looking for a new job. If you accidentally get something that allows you to survive with your family without any problems, then it will be a few hundred kilometers away from your little flat. What about this? You have two options. Normal and clever. The normal point is that you will be looking for an apartment in the place of work, and you will try to sell your existing and move.
Smart option
It is in the fact that you go to a company that sells new and Bazar mobile homes and you choose to be a bull according to your tastes. Usually you choose the most used 3 + 1 and in this you will stay with children and your wife. Of course, already in the place of your new job. If you lose your job again, you can find more (anywhere) and again move the whole house without having to organize complex moving equipment.