Grandchildren are delighted

The Winter Garden was carrying a triumphant laugh. Andromeda has defeated Grandpa in chess for the second time. She rejoayed as a little, because she had finally begun to understand the game, all those meaningless moves and figures, and the whole planning. Grandpa tried to teach her this for years – ever since she got to high school. He wanted to have at least the world champion in chess, but Andromeda never did it much.
For all, philosophy can
Now, seven years later, when he had barely ten months before his bachelor's, she had begun to thrive. It is attributed to the fact that all planning and confusing opponents are taught by fellow university professors. Grandpa, the Doctor of philosophy himself, always laughed at her, saying that this is exactly what every student says – they are all only victims of terrible presenters. Andromeda's ringing laughter was the reason why Grandpa Breathed.